Outdoor Patio Pariesienne 10×10′ Gazebo – Review


Features of the Outdoor Patio Pariesienne 10×1-0’ Gazebo

  • Define your outdoor spaces with this handsome gazebo
  • Features a weather-resistant terylene canopy
  • Metal frame features a durable powder-coat finish
  • Don’t let the bugs ruin the event—comes with easy-to-install mosquito netting
  • 102Hx120Wx120D”
  • Protective Qualities: Weather Resistant, Rust Resistant
  • Finish: Powder-Coated
  • Features: Free Standing
  • Includes: Mosquito Netting
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Textile Material: 100 % Terylene
  • Care and Cleaning: Wipe Clean With a Damp Cloth
  • Warranty Description: 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • Dimension: Height: 120.0 “; Length: 120.0 “; Width: 120.0 “

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Review of the Outdoor Patio Pariesienne 10×10′ Gazebo

Many people have purchased the Outdoor Patio Pariesienne 10×10” Gazebo. Though a lot of them had good things to say about this gazebo, even more had complaints about the durability and said that they would not recommend this gazebo. Most owners rated this gazebo as either a 1/5 or a 5/5, with approximately 1/3 falling in between those ratings.  One owner, who had originally rated this gazebo as a 5/5, later changed her rating to a 2/5.

Positive comments included ““Wonderful outdoor gazebo!!…. Couldn’t be happier “, “Great Affordable Gazebo”, “looks very sophisticated.”,” love it”, inexpensive, and nice looking Gazebo”, “I love it”, “would recommend this product to anyone” and “I’m very satisfied. If you buy this expecting something that’s going to stay in mint condition forever, you’ll be disappointed. I think keeping it bolted to the deck is important, but I haven’t had problems with mold or anything else”.

Amongst the negative comments were “Didn’t last very long”, “looks great but not sturdy”, “beautiful new, but won’t last”, “it’s aluminum and light, therefore will blow away like a glider if the cover is on”, “would not recommend this product to anybody…spend more money and buy something nicer…you get what you pay for”, “do not buy…a terrible waste of money”, “this isn’t meant for the long haul”, “garbage…as beautiful as this piece may look, do not buy it!”, “would definitely not buy this item again”, “piece of junk! Looks great but CANNOT stand up to the wind…Do NOT buy this product”, “junk”…had my gazebo for about 2 days when we had a mild Iowa storm. We had it anchored to the ground but the top twisted off”.


Owners like the size of this gazebo. It has plenty of room for seating and tables and owners commented that the corner units hold plants or other items nicely.

Easy of Assembly

This gazebo is light weight and very easy to assemble.  Assembly generally takes less than an hour. Many owners were amazed and pleased with the ease of assembly and thought the instructions were excellent. One owner said that her fourteen-year old daughter put this together almost entirely by herself, with minimal help from her father.  Tools aren’t required to put the gazebo itself together, however owners were quick to caution that anchoring it well is a must, with one saying “ They supply ‘tent stakes’ to hold it down but if possible, do something more sturdy”.


This is where this gazebo got the most complaints.  Many owners were lucky to get a full summer out of this gazebo, with some only getting weeks or even days of use before it was damaged by winds.  There seem to be three factors involved here; anchoring is a must, the metal poles are thin and flimsy, and the roof is not vented.  Many owners said that even though their gazebos were anchored down, wind storms bent the poles and ripped the fabric, sometimes within days of assembly.  One owner said “I anchored mine down. The problem was that the top framing (cheap) lifted and twisted apart into my neighbour’s yard with a small wind gust “. Owners also complained about water pockets collecting on the roof and of the posts rusting quite quickly. Another owner commented about the roof, saying “My theory is even if you anchor it, the main problem is the canopy does not have an opening at the top to allow wind to pass through; so the trapped wind just puts too much pressure against the canopy which then ultimately brings the gazebo down”.

An owner described their experience with this gazebo, saying ““This thing is beautiful! Until you actually have it for more than a week. If it rains or the wind blows forget about getting this thing back. It takes off like a plane. Ours has rusted already, the poles are bent from the wind. The fabric is starting to tear”. Several owners however, reported having their gazebos for close to three years, with one saying that they have had “this gazebo for three summers… took the roof and netting down late in the fall and put it back up in the spring”. A number of owners sprayed painted their gazebos with Rustoleum to get around the rust problem.  It appears that for this gazebo to last requires very strong anchoring (not just the stakes included), removal of the top when bad weather is coming in, and a climate that doesn’t usually get much wind.

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The Outdoor Patio Pariesienne 10×10’ Gazebo is beautiful looking and very inexpensive for the type of gazebo that it is. However, it is apparent that with this gazebo at least, you do get what you pay for.  Though many owners gave good reports, far, far too many had issues with the durability of this gazebo in any wind condition due to the light weight construction.  Though light weight construction makes for ease of assembly, the flip side is the durability of the gazebo.  Given the large number of owners who lost their gazebos to wind damage in a very short time after purchase, we don’t recommend the Outdoor Patio Pariesienne 10×10’ Gazebo.

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